1.Policy Consultation 
By communicating with the key players in the industry and government, we can offer in-depth science and technology policy guidance to private firms in order to best support their growth and innovation. We can help enterprises find all kinds of financial support in order to receive an edge against the competition. 
1.1. Grant application support:
Changfeng Alliance can help firms to search for and to better apply for government grants. We help the applicants from start to finish by finding the best grants, writing up the proposal, and by working with the regulators to get the projects approved. Focusing on the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology policies, we organize policy interpretation seminars and publicity activities, expanding the understanding of science and technology policy in the capital. 
1.2. Our Services
Preparation and a feasibility check
Cooperation agreement
Coordination with the firm
Prepare the application materials
2. Alliance Standards (ICT standards) 
We work on the standardization of key ICT industry technologies improving interoperability and with it the growth of our industries. 
On an International scale we are part of OASIS, W3C, and OCF. 
3. Local Matchmaking
Changfeng Alliance provides local matchmaking services to establish knowledge transfer platforms in the industry by linking up domestic businesses, universities and research institutions. 
We aim to spread the science and technology resources of the Beijing area outward into China and promoting the Alliance's innovative achievements into other places.  We cooperate with different provinces and cities all over China such as Fujian Province, Zhejiang Province, Shenyang City, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province and many more. 
Service Tenet:
In the face of globalisation and under the guidance of the government's "One Belt, One Road" strategy, Changfeng Alliance helps its customers to go out of China and also to bring new business into China. With those efforts, the Alliance supports the strategy for development set out by the Central Committee of the Party. Strengthening regional cooperation is also a main tenet of the Changfeng Alliance.
Our aim is to efficiently combine and integrate the many international resources from governments, research institutions, universities, talents, technology with the market. With our expertise we help our domestic costumers to expand their international reach and increase demand by a variety of methods. 
4. International services
We offer a range of services related to internationalisation to both our domestic and international partners and clients.
4.1. Building Bridges
Changfeng Alliance provides a platform for both domestic and international key players to come together, and to promote cooperation between China and the international community in sectors such as key technologies, software, and marketing. We bridge the gap between international and domestic firms by organising B2B matchmaking events
4.2. A complete and thorough service for business exchanges
The alliance offers, together with our partners, overseas missions for Chinese enterprises and institutions, individually tailored to our customers' wishes and requirements.
We also offer our services to international partners wishing to expand into China by recommending them the best local connections, events, and trade shows and then organising the trips in the most efficient way possible. 
Changfeng Alliance also hosts international events and conferences to further international cooperation 
4.3. International Talent Exchange and Recruitment
We recruit international talents and we help find those international talents opportunities, internships and employment in China. 
4.4. Training Programmes
We offer international Training Programmes to our domestic members. In the training programmes, we teach them the applicable policies and regulations in key international markets and how to expand and cooperate internationally. 
4.5. Carrying out Standard Development and Adoption
We promote the transformation of national standards into international standards, support the adoption of international standards in China. We use this process as an opportunity to increase international cooperation.
4.6. Customised local services for our international clients
Changfeng Alliance helps foreign companies set up in China by acting as their first contact with regards to all the hurdles and obstacles that need to be overcome to be successful in China such as policy consultation, office recommendations, investment and financing advice, and other service. 

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