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As of now, the Alliance has over 300 member enterprises in sectors such as basic software, basic hardware, system integration, consulting services, investment and finance institutions, innovation systems, universities and research institutions and more covering every part of the ICT industry.
The revenue of our members reached nearly 81 Billion RMB, accounting for more than half of the industry. 
Among the members of the Alliance, there are 4 key enterprises of national computer system integration, 3 enterprises of Fortune China 500, 31 listed companies, and many more. 
Members such as Zhong Ke Fang De, YOYOSYS an CETC develop their own operating systems with completely independent R&D.
The Database system of Kingbase breaks the foreign monopolies. 
Yonyou software is the largest local management software provider in the Asian-Pacific region. SuperMap software is Asia's largest geographic information system platform provider. 
In system integration and operation, Taiji Co, Huadi and Donghua Software companny are they leading companies in system integration and application development. These companies take care of the IT platform in key sectors such as telecommunication, energy, finance and government. 
In the field of SMART CITY, Digital China provides smart city construction services focusing on "convenient city, healthy city, efficient city, safe city, and green city". iSOft Stone has a strategic layout in more than 20 cities across the country. Goodwill Co. provides diagnostic services for more than 400 large and medium-sized domestic medical institutions. Zonekey Co. provides teaching information products and solutions for universities and schools nationwide. Our members are on the forefront of technology in all relevant sectors in SMART HOME, SMART CITY, SMART EDUCATION, and IoT.
In the field of e-commerce, JD CO. is China's largest domestic e-commerce enterprise with 7 logistics centres nationwide, 123 large warehouses, covering almost all of China. It has become the most successful solution and service provider in e-commerce. 
In the financial field, Sinosoft Co leads the platform construction for the domestic insurance industry. DCITS provides services in planning and consulting, system construction and operation and outsourcing. 
Our members cover the entire ICT industry in China, which enables us to find the best partners for international companies looking to expand in China. 

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