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? In March 2015, Changfeng Alliance set up branch office in New Zealand.
? On 23th September 2015, Changfeng Alliance organized the ICT session of the 32th IASP annual conference. 
? On 23th September 2015, FPX, a geographic information association in Sweden, established office in Changfeng Alliance.
? In June 2015, Changfeng Alliance set up branch office in Sweden.
? In December 2014, Changfeng Alliance set up branch office in Belgium.
? In December 2014, Changfeng Alliance was identified as the “Beijing Public Service Platform for SMEs” by the Economic and Information Commission of Beijing.
? In August 2014, Changfeng Alliance established strategic cooperative relationship with the province of Limburg, Belgium, so as to start its internationalization service.
? In September 2011, Changfeng Alliance successfully held “2011 International Conference on Cloud Computing Security Technology”.
? In January 2009, Changfeng Alliance held the Changfeng Alliance Conference of SOA Suite Release and Application. 
? In November 2007, Changfeng Alliance successfully held the “Beijing 2007 Open Standards International Conference”. 20 international experts of OASIS attended the conference. 
? In March 2006, Changfeng Alliance officially joined an international standardization organization OASIS, thus stepping on the international standardization stage.
? In April 2005, Changfeng Alliance was duly established with 22 domestic software enterprises as the first members.

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